I’m Audra Walker, an LA-based designer specializing in UX/UI design and research. My pronouns are she/her.

I started in the design field as a graphic designer and illustrator. My obsession with problem-solving, human behavior, and connecting with people drove me into UX design and research. I strive to apply my skills to fight for unserved communities and listen to unheard voices to find meaningful solutions for change. Research is one of my strongest skills. I believe it is imperative to understanding a problem and the people that problem affects. I transform research insights into stories to gain a deeper understanding and empathy for users.

My main tools are the Adobe Creative Suite, Figma and Miro. I also speak HTML, CSS, and a dollop of German. When I'm talking about myself, I can't help but mention my love for Earl Grey tea, vegan dessert, and rollerskating. Reach out and let's get a London fog.



Human-Centered Research / Design

Figma / Sketch / Adobe CC / Webflow

Wireframes / Prototyping

Creative Problem-Solving


Things I enjoy

Board games

Tea & Coffee

Vegan baked goods



Let's Connect

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